Learn How Our Landscape Service Can Beautify Your Garden


Experienced landscape service providers are able to see the big picture and with that, start the process of making the garden you’ve always dreamed of. A.A.F Landscaping & Excavation is your resource for outdoor space design concepts, landscaping supplies, construction techniques, and more. Hiring your local landscape designer gives you an important access to great ideas to have better outcomes and avoid mistakes with your landscaping project.

Here are the four important reasons why you should hire your local landscapers in East Stroudsburg, PA.

Offers a conceptual design.

Each garden is its own need! Our landscape designer can take a look at your space and start generating real ideas after listening to your ideas and goals, providing you with the things that best suit your outdoor space. We’ll consider your demands and incorporate flow, functionality, and style into a design concept for you!

Follow a reasonable budget.

One of the biggest pitfalls of DIY landscaping is going over the budget. As your ideas turn into something more elaborate, the costs also increase! Knowing how much the entire project can cost will not only help tackle the job but also helps the project stay within the exact budget and guide you through pricing. Oftentimes, it can also help you decide if you need to the do the entire project at once or phase it out.

Enjoy our professional services.

One of the best parts about hiring a landscape service provider in East Stroudsburg, PA is that you won’t have to worry about handling this kind of project! Having an experienced professional to handle things from the design through the construction phase makes the experience more entertaining and less tiring. Having a landscape designer will ensure everything is done right so that you’re satisfied with the finished products.

Specializes in construction planning.

You might want to install a particular feature, but sometimes, the installation of that certain feature isn’t always possible. Just because your idea is great doesn’t necessarily mean it’s possible and sustainable. Our landscape service provider will make sure all the aspects in your design can be built and endure the test of time.

If you still have some questions about our services, call A.A.F Landscaping & Excavation at (570) 491-8062.

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