Get a Flawless Landscape Installation With Our Pro Landscaper!


Have you ever thought of installing a beautiful landscape on your property? Do you want to make your property more attractive? To get the landscape you want, you should consider hiring a professional landscaper like A.A.F Landscaping & Excavation. We are a trusted and experienced landscaping contractor in East Stroudsburg, PA that can handle all your landscape installation needs. If you want to see how we can transform your landscape, continue reading this page.

Landscape Installation: Should You DIY or Not?

There is nothing wrong with DIYing if you know the basics of installing a landscape. However, there are numerous things to consider, and you need to do proper research to ensure the success and proper execution of your project. You need to know the materials to use, and you also need to consider things like the weather pattern in your area, the soil quality, and future maintenance.

Why Choose Us?

Our landscaping installation service is one of the best in the area. Aside from using the correct materials, we also use top-tier equipment to install your landscape. We learn about your preferences and requirements. This way, we can create an effective plan. We will also consider the climate in your area and the weather condition when installing your landscape. We also think about the maintenance of the landscape and the materials we use. With our skills and tools, you can be at ease knowing that your landscape installation will be done right. Choose us now to enjoy a satisfying result.

Are you looking for a trusted landscaper? If you are in East Stroudsburg, PA, there is no need to look far because you can always count on A.A.F Landscaping & Excavation to help with your landscape installation project. For inquiries and information, feel free to contact us at (570) 491-8062 right away! We can help you right away!

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