Why Hire Our Professional Landscaping Contractor for Your Hardscaping Needs


Do you have a newly constructed building on your property? Are you planning to install landscape features on it? Are you also planning on installing trees? If you need help with these, consider hiring a landscaping contractor such as A.A.F Landscaping & Excavation. We can handle landscape work for our clients in the East Stroudsburg, PA area.

But it’s worth noting that a good landscape isn’t only limited to botanical elements because it will need hardscape features.

Why Hire Landscapers?

Instead of trying to install the landscape features on your property on your own, you should consider hiring professionals to do it for you because of a few reasons. First, the installation work will require enough expertise and experience so that you won’t make any mistakes. And the landscape features will be installed well. Second, special equipment will be needed. And they won’t be easy to get. It’s much easier to hire our landscapers. We have the equipment for the task. So, choose us if you plan for a hardscaping project.

We Can Install Landscapes!

Our services include the installation of landscape features such as grass, trees, shrubs, and so on. We’ll be able to install these landscape features correctly because of the experience we have and the experience we have with the process. We can install new landscape features using tried and tested techniques, ensuring that we don’t cause any damage to the base of the landscape feature being installed. So, if you decide to have a landscape installed on your property, you must call us.

A.A.F Landscaping & Excavation is the landscaping contractor you can count on to install landscapes and hardscape features. Do you want to add landscape features to your property in East Stroudsburg, PA? You’ve come to the right place. Give us a call at (570) 491-8062 today so we can start with the landscape work right away!

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