More About the Landscaping and Other Services We Provide

When it comes to professional landscaping, the experts at A.A.F Landscaping & Excavation are here to address your needs. Located in East Stroudsburg, PA and serving the nearby areas, our company has grown from an unknown business to a premier option for numerous people, thanks to our wide range of services, including:

Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Landscape Designs

We have designers who will consider every small detail when working with you on improving your outdoor space. We can design a new garden area, a stunning patio sector, as well as various other features to help you create your personal oasis.

Landscape Installations

We can carry out various landscape installation projects, promising precise and quality-based work. We can install new garden tanks, flower beds, as well as various other forms of landscape upgrades. We have got you covered.

Landscape Maintenance 

Our landscapers will attend to any type of maintenance you turn to us to do. We offer lawn mowing, as well as tree pruning, quick snow removal solutions, and much more.


Our architects and designers will work meticulously on various hardscaping projects, promising excellent craftsmanship concerning various structures you want to add to your outdoor space. We can create strong retaining walls, a stunning patio area, a beautiful walkway, and much more.


We can perform various types of excavation for different projects you have planned, Whether you need light excavation for a garden project or a major excavation for a patio area, we promise excellent results. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Contact our company in East Stroudsburg, PA if you are interested in the professional landscaping and hardscaping services that we bring to the table. You can learn more about A.A.F Landscaping & Excavation and the pros of hiring us, or you can request an estimate on our labor, as well as make an appointment by dialing (570) 491-8062. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call today!

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